Our Welding Process

How Does This Welding Process Work?
Upon receiving your part at either our Montreal or Toronto-based branch, we start with a thorough inspection and identification of the structural requirements demanded of this piece in its everyday application. Its dimensions are measured using our most sensitively-calibrated gauges, in order to respect its original specifications. Exactitude of measurements is a top priority.

The part is cleaned of all grease and residue, either through sand-blast, pressure vapour, or Typhoon cleaning systems. This last method is our most popular, as it combines cycles of grease-removing soap and decontaminating acids at temperatures of 180°F, assuring that no stray particles are left behind.

Your part is then ready to proceed to the defect detection process. This multi-step process begins with a Magnaflux Powder inspection, through which a magnetic powder is used to identify any ferrous particles on your piece. This is followed by inspection using penetrating and developer liquids for any non-ferrous particles. Finally, the internal integrity of your part is analyzed through ultrasound and x-ray inspection.

Prior to proceeding with the restoration of your part, you will be provided with either a verbal or written quote. We assure that no work is done without your authorization.

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